Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Santa Anita Slugfest!

Santa Anita Derby - Recap

Sidney’s Candy
Lookin At Lucky

Unplaced horses listed in order of finish.
Also ran: Caracortado, Skipshot, Alphie’s Bet, Thomas Baines, Posse Power, Who’s Up, Cardiff Giant

The Funk Trio Cameo once sang the lyrics – “Look real nice, wrapped up tight…..giving me a heart attack…..it’s the kind I like”. Of course the song I’m referring to is Candy.

Sidney’s Candy indeed looked real nice as he galloped to an uncontested victory in the Santa Anita Derby. As you watch the race unfold you’ll see Sidney’s Candy (after a rough patch coming out of the gate) takes an early lead, and sets up a “sensible” pace. Sidney’s Candy and jockey Smoking Joe Talamo did everything right in setting the table for a wide open final stretch run.

In complete contrast to Candy and Talamo – Lookin At Lucky and jockey Garrett Gomez had a trip to forget this past Saturday. Trainer Bob Baffert described Gomez’s ride as “horrendous” – and to make matters worse this is the second race in a row where Lookin At Lucky and Gomez make the least of their talents. (Granted they did manage to pull out a victory in the Rebel Stakes).

In the final turn Who’s Up (and Victor Espinoza) bum into and cut off Gomez and Lucky. It is still unanswered as to who initiated – what they would call in NASCAR trading paint – but the result was Gomez chasing down Espinoza after the race and going old school horse racing, by starting fisticuffs with Espinoza not once, but twice.

I certainly can understand Garrett’s frustration because after this second poor performance on this horse he may lose his job for the next race – which for Lookin At Lucky will probably mean the Kentucky Derby….you know one of the highest paid races in the USA.

Garrett Gomez remaining or being relieved as the jockey for Lookin At Lucky adds a very interesting subplot to what already looks to be an intriguing Kentucky Derby.

Setsuko very quietly stole second – and with the right post position and a little luck in the Kentucky Derby could surprise a lot of people.

I’m adding two videos this week as Eskendereya blows away the New York field in the Wood Memorial.

HorseRacingNation – has Eskendereya, Lookin At Lucky and Sidney’s Candy as their top three contenders in the country - check it out.

Santa Anita Derby

Wood Memorial

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  1. Scrappy jockeys going at it after a dust-up on the track. Now that's horse racing!